Red Bull: 15 Things They Don’t Tell You (Part 1)

Red Bull has become the guilty pleasure of many for its stimulating effect. When you’re in need of a pick-me-up, Red Bull is always there; and we love it for that! Although, how well do you really know that shiny little can? Now, you can find out right here! Just read on the find out what Red Bull isn’t telling you, and come back soon for part two to see the eight juiciest secrets about this seemingly perfect energy drink!

Number Fifteen: The Original. When Red Bull first appeared, it didn’t bear the name we have come to know and love. Instead, it was a Thai-produced energy beverage by the name of “Krating Daeng”. We can’t tell you how to pronounce it, but we can tell you that it is actually much sweeter than the iconic brand today.

Number Fourteen: Jet Lag. While the Thai beverage was mainly sold to workers who required high levels of energy and concentration, it really took off when Dietrich Mateschitz discovered it to be the best cure for jet lag. From this moment, Mateschitz decided to make a deal with the Thai producer and bring the recipe to Europe.

Number Thirteen: Red Bull in Space. Amazingly, the company has actually accomplished space travel (in a way). The volunteer was sent up not in a spacecraft, but a mere balloon. As he reached space, he actually jumped out and pierced the sound barrier on the fall to the ground.

Number Twelve: All of the Caffeine. In terms of the big picture, Red Bull has sold an impressive amount of caffeine. If all of the amounts in every can sold in 2013 alone were added up, it would weight up to 950,000 pounds of caffeine. That’s 475 tons!

Number Eleven: The Logo. The company has become well-known for their iconic symbol, featuring two red cattle on every can. Or, at least, what you thought were cattle. They are actually meant to be gaurs, which are the fifth heaviest mammals in the world, behind elephants, hippos, rhinos, and giraffes.

Number Ten: The Record Label. Believe it or not, they actually have their own record label. Who decided they would need such a thing, we haven’t the slightest idea. However, we are glad that Red Bull Records did happen because they are responsible for the rise of popular band Awolnation.

Number Nine: The First Event. Of all the events and sports attractions funded by Red Bull, the first to start it all often goes unknown. This was the Dolomitenmann, a relay race featuring running, paragliding, kayaking, and mountain biking in Austria. Come back soon for part two to see the eight juiciest secrets about this seemingly perfect energy drink!