Rachel McAdams: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Welcome back to our list of things you didn’t know about Rachel McAdams. The actress is known for her beauty and her versatility, starring in everything from The Notebook to True Detective. She is up for an Academy Award this year for her performance in Spotlight, so read below for more information on the acclaimed thespian!

Number Eight: She Was Once Knocked Unconscious On Set

Red Eye might have been a slightly traumatic shooting experience for the actress. During one take, action Cillian Murphy threw her into a different place than where he was supposed to and she hit her head. She was unconscious for a full half hour, which must have been pretty damn frightening to wake up to.

Number Seven: She Is Allergic to Horses

This one is pretty self-explanatory. But it must limit the types of cliched romantic comedy scenes she can be in.

Number Six: She Has Her Own Environmentalist Website

It’s called Green is Sexy, and she launched the site in 2007. It offers environmental tips for those who want to live greener lifestyles and decrease their carbon footprints.

Number Five: Rachel McAdams Was a Longtime Employee of McDonald’s

Maybe all of her time spent working at McDonald’s as a kid has contributed to her focus on healthy living as an adult. She actually worked at the chain for three consecutive summers growing up.

Number Four: She Has Trained in Knife Fighting

Maybe unsurprisingly, she didn’t do this for pleasure. She did it for a role, as her character in True Detective used a knife in most of her fights.

Number Three: She Has Tried to Play Unlikable Women

Despite her success as a romantic lead, the actress has always sought unlikable roles. Two of these have been in Mean Girls (even though she didn’t audition for that part) and in True Detective.

Number Two: She Does Her Hollywood Meetings Over Skype

This makes sense for an actor living in Canada – and especially one who is famous enough to get away with it. But still, it shows how far removed the actress is from the desperate lifestyle of so many Hollywood actors and actresses.

Number One: When She Was Seven She Wrote a Letter to Her Parents Announcing She Wanted to Act

Her parents might not have taken it too seriously at the time, but they did enroll her in acting camp. And the rest is history. Thanks for reading!