Project Revival – Pain

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From Tel Aviv comes a rock band called Project Revival. The music video for “Pain” begins with the four band members running away scared in the woods. The chasing scene, then cuts to the band performing in the woods. With a deep red filter, one man finds himself at a bar regretfully downing shots. We soon discover the other encounters between the fanged monster and the rest of the band. The second member meets eyes with the wolf in an elevator; the third sees the animal in his rearview mirror; and the fourth is being stalked in his own home. Find out what happens to Project Revival in this well produced music video.

The music is fast paced with heavy guitar riffs and raspy, melodic vocals. The lyrics speak of surviving during the darkest times: “I’m flying higher diving in for the kill / I’ve laid to rest all my darkest hours / Any hope for my long lost dreams?” The chorus – “Pain pain pain / It’s driving me insane / It pierces through my soul / But I just keep having on” – is infectious, you’ll be singing it as soon as the video is over. “Pain” is a track of off the band’s new full-length entitled Heavy Gravy.

Director & Post Production – Lavy Josephsohn
Camera Operator – Ran Shenkerman
Actors – Tamuz Rachman, Tom Livni
AlbumHeavy Gravy 2015
Music & Video Produced by Project Revival
Recorded & Mixed at Heavy Studios (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Vocals Recorded at Soundhouse (Tel Aviv, Israel) by Paolo Groppi
MasteringNada Recordings (New York, US)  

The Band:
Omer (Shover) Raz – Vocals/bass
Lavy Josephsohn – Guitars
Nadav Dori – Guitars
Assaf (Jessi) Dori – Drums
Copyright © All Rights Reserved to Project Revival