Pringles: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Our part one article with the first seven things that you never knew about Pringles surprised you, and might have even made your mouth water. Now, we have finally returned with our part two article to delve even deeper into the shocking world of these unique chips! To find out everything you didn’t know, follow along as we reveal the final eight things you never knew about Pringles!

Number Eight: Around the World

The extensive array of Pringles’ flavor options has been known to get pretty weird in America, but wait until you see the international options. In addition to the odd Christmas flavors and milk chocolate varieties we have seen here, foreign shelves have been known to stock Garlic Seafood, French Consommé, Sausage, and even “Night Club” flavors.

Number Seven: Getting Creative

Because the design of the can utilizes a lot of foil, it has been known to make a cheap substitute for some electronics. With just a few modifications, some copper wire, and magnets, it is possible to make a set of Pringle speakers. It has also been known to be quite an effective antenna.

Number Six: Becoming One with Pringles

The mastermind behind the engineering of the chips and canister, Fredric Baur, had a peculiar final wish while he lay on his deathbed. As per his wish, his children buried his ashes inside a Pringles can. There is even a rumor that this same can was circulated into the stock for grocery stores… but we don’t quite believe that.

Number Five: Supercomputer Magic

These chips are famous for their iconic shape and stacked nature. Obviously, it would be difficult to attain such consistency without the help of machinery, so it probably won’t surprise you that each chip is made with an equation perfected by a supercomputer.

Number Four: The Can Plan

As one of the most unique marketing techniques in history, the makers of Pringles decided their snack be best served in a tall canister, rather than a bag. Why? Well, first of all, the iconic form of the chip is very delicate, but that’s just the obvious part. The real reason is that the masterminds behind this snack thought bags were too noisy, and figured selling them in cans might make them a more popular movie snack.

Number Three: Trivia Pringles

Ever had a trivia Pringle? Oddly enough, for a short time, Procter & Gamble began producing this unique line of snacks in association with Hasbro. They used edible ink to print various questions on the chips, hoping it would strike well with the younger crowd. It didn’t really go so well.

Number Two: How it is Done

For those of you wondering, it isn’t easy to make such a delicious snack. Each chip goes through an extensive process to be snacked on by consumers worldwide. Potato flakes and other ingredients start out being cooked, then mashed, dehydrated, and reconstituted. At this point, the mixture is rather dough-like. They are then formed with the help of supercomputers and packaged up for shoppers.

Number One: The Gift Box

For a limited time, Pringles paired up with another popular brand as a marketing gimmick. For St. Patrick’s Day, the company thought it would be a good idea to create a gift box with a bottle of Smirnoff and a can of chips – because they were both kind of made from potatoes. It didn’t make the most sense, but it sure is entertaining and we bet they sold a lot of them. Hope you enjoyed our list of the 15 things you didn’t know about Pringles!