Pringles: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Pringles have become a classic snack choice for potato chip lovers everywhere. Since most of us were little kids, we have enjoyed munching on the treat and occasionally making potato chip duck beaks out of them! Even though Pringles have always been there for us in our time of snacking need, there is much that many consumers never thought to look into about the brand. To fill you in, we have created a list of everything you never knew about this beloved snack! Stay tuned for our part two article with the top eight things you didn’t know about Pringles, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: The Mysterious Name

We wish we could tell you where the odd name originated from, but we can’t. Mainly because, well, no one really knows for sure. It has been one of the company’s biggest mysteries since the chip first emerged. However, we can tell you that when they first appeared, the snack was actually called Pringle’s Newfangled Potato Chips.

Number Fourteen: The Legal Battle

After a legal battle with Britain, Pringles rejected the concept of their snacks being potato chips. Britain tried to impose a tax (shocking) on potato products, and Procter & Gamble didn’t think it was right to pay this, considering their snack contained only 42% potato flour. They changed their classification to “savory snacks”, but Britain ended up winning anyway.

Number Thirteen: Original Packaging

Upon the emergence of the snacks, the lettering on the can wasn’t quite as dainty as it is today. The artistry and font were much bulkier, and it was changed to appeal to the younger crowd.

Number Twelve: The Mastermind

It took a lot of people to bring the Pringle to life, but the man responsible for the unique can engineering and chip style is Fredric Baur. In addition to the Pringle, he was also the inventive mind behind freeze-dried astronaut ice cream, Coldsnap. Although, it didn’t really catch on until NASA did it.

Number Eleven: The Great Fail

The odd chips did great in sample testing but didn’t do so great when they were released nationally. In fact, a lot of the people working on the product wanted to call it a flop and move on. However, the snack prevailed with a new recipe and a steady marketing technique.

Number Ten: Pitt for Pringles

Within their line of new marketing, they even had Brad Pitt star in their commercial in his younger years. The ad came out in the ‘80s, and it was just awful (like most of the things that came out of the ‘80s).

Number Nine: The Star of the Can

The iconic man on the can was designed by an artist for the company when they were first on the market. He even has a name- Julius Pringles. Stay tuned for our part two article with the top eight things you didn’t know about Pringles, coming soon!