Previously a Woman – Everything is in Between

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Previously a Woman’s music video for “Everything is in Between” deals with the monotony of and mind-numbing effect of having an unsatisfying job that merely serves as a means to an end, albeit a boring, dull end. A white collar office worker sits alone a barren, gray office, automatically stamping a stack of papers, in assembly-line fashion. He stares intensely into the camera as he lip-sings along with the lyrics. The shots flicker between different angles and are distorted by TV “snow” and discolored fuzzy static. Occasionally we see the monotonous worker get up and dance uninhibitedly, but mostly he continues to stamp the stack of yellow papers, with the word “Complied” in big red letters (a subliminal message in line with the lyrics of the song). He makes progress, though, in releasing himself from the rat race, the “man” and by the end of the song he’s found a sledgehammer with which he can destroy the prison that is his office.

Produced by Yo50
Released and Published by Plastic Speakers
Music Video by We Do This (Glasgow)