Photoshop: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Photoshop is an extremely well-known program in today’s world. While its effect on the images we see on a day-to-day basis is quite overwhelming when you think about it, most people don’t know much about the program in general. Here are some more interesting facts about Photoshop that you probably didn’t know.

Number Eight: You Couldn’t Always Export in PNG

PNG files are often used in the creation of vectors, icons, and other images. They are almost always used in images that have transparent backgrounds. In the early years of the program, users had no way of saving PNG files after they were done with their project.

Number Seven: Many of Its Features Are the First of Their Kind

Many of the actions that one can take while working in the program – including color translation – have never been conceived before. To edit images before, one would have to tend to the image physically, rescan the object and then work on it from there. It also gave regular people the ability to edit photos without needing to be associated with huge corporations.

Number Six: It’s Possible to Use it From a Zip Drive

Some people decide not to have the program on their system because they work on the go, and to save space, of course. Adobe released a version of the program that will work from a zip drive, adding even more flexibility for photo editors.

Number Five: Photoshop Works With Files From Other Adobe Programs

If someone works on a file in Photoshop and saves it with the Photoshop extension, they would be able to work on the file in other Adobe programs such as Premiere and Aftereffects. This improves fluidity enormously.

Number Four: The Founders Are Still Part of the License

When Adobe bought Photoshop all those years ago, the brothers who made it come to life still appeared on the licensing. If you use the program, you should still be able to see their names upon opening it.

Number Three: They Work Against Piracy

Unfortunately, the piracy market for software is as normal as it could be in this day and age. Adobe, however, has worked against this by checking serials online every single month. If Adobe didn’t issue that particular serial number, the program will simply not work. Many other programs don’t do this.

Number Two: The First Photoshopped Image Was of the Creator’s Wife

The first image that was photoshopped was an image of the creator’s wife on the beach, interestingly enough. From the beginning, it seems that the nature of the program has worked – albeit perhaps not on purpose – against people’s self-esteem.

Number One: Tom Knoll is no Longer The Lead Developer

Tom Knoll, the man who started it all, is no longer the lead developer for the program. Instead, he contributes with plugins and other things to improve the system.