Pharrell Williams Discusses Working With Adele

Adele may be one of the most-recognized artists in the world, but her fame hasn’t affected her most important job on this earth, being a mom. During a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest, Pharrell Williams spoke about how Adele is trying to balance motherhood and music. “I’ve seen her recently, she kinda like ‘I’m gonna open my diary for 20 minutes.’ So it’s like, you only have 20 minutes or 32 minutes really. Then she gives it to you and closes it up and disappears, and she’s off with her beautiful boy,” Williams told Seacrest.

Despite her hectic schedule, Williams didn’t hesitate to praise Adele. “She is a masterful writer. You listen to her albums and the intention is living and breathes,” he stated. Adele is currently working on her third studio album, which is expected to be named 25. There is no timetable for when the project will be released, but it has been reported Adele is working with Phil Collins and Ryan Tedder. Adele has dropped two studio albums, 19 and 21. The Grammy-winning 21 was released in 2011, and her son Angelo was born one year later.

Apple Music announced Pharrell Williams is releasing his new single “Freedom” exclusively through their streaming service. The single will drop on the same day Apple Music will officially launch- June 30th. Apple also revealed it has signed thousands of independent record labels to take part in their music streaming service, among those labels is Beggars Group. Beggars Group is a company that distributes labels such as XL Recordings, Matador Records, and more. Merlin, an independent label network, has also joined Apple Music. Some of the artists under Merlin include Arctic Monkeys and Adele.

During its free three-month trial, Apple has agreed to pay artists, songwriters, and producers- thanks to Taylor Swift. It has been reported that Apple Music will share over 70 percent of its revenue with artists, producers, and songwriters. Once the three-month free trial ends, Apple Music will be available for $9.99 per month. The streaming service will be led by its music ambassador Drake, who signed a deal for $19 million in order to endorse the service.