Ozzy Osbourne: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Ozzy Osbourne has had a long and well-documented career. The singer, songwriter, and ex-reality television star has been scrutinized throughout his fame, but there are still some little-known facts that most people are not aware of regarding this Black Sabbath vocalist. Here, we present 15 things you probably didn’t know about Ozzy Osbourne. Check out part one below, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: He Has Five Siblings. Osbourne is one of six kids, born to John and Lillian Osbourne. However, his musical prowess was clearly not overlooked, and he became involved in musicals from an early age.

Number Fourteen: His Replacement Was Suggested by His Future Wife. Sharon (then Sharon Arden) was the one who recommended Ronnie James Dio as Ozzy’s replacement in Black Sabbath. However, they were not yet married when she did so.

Number Thirteen: He Has an Interesting Connection to Slaughter. Slaughter bassist Dana Strum helped to get Randy Rhoads into the Blizzard of Ozz. Strum was not the bassist for Slaughter at the time, though.

Number Twelve: One of His Band Members Was Not a Big Fan of His Music. When Randy Rhoads joined Blizzard of Ozz, he was not actually a fan of Black Sabbath. He was more interested in glam rock at the time.

Number Eleven: The Phrase “S.A.T.O.” Has Less of a Meaning Than You Might Think. Though many have speculated about the meaning of the song “S.A.T.O.,” it is actually just a combination of the initials of the two most important women in Osbourne’s life at the time: Sharon Arden and then-wife Thelma Osbourne.

Number Ten: The Runes on the Diary of a Madman Album Insert Have a Pretty Basic Meaning. Again with the cryptic speculation, some people think that there is some profound meaning to the runes on this insert. However, they actually read “The Ozzy Osbourne Band.”

Number Nine: However, the Runes on Speak of the Devil Are a Little More Meaningful. But don’t get too down about the previous point! Here’s something a little juicier. The runes on this read, “That kid was my lifeline, you know? He was such a dynamic player and I’d rather not talk about it anymore because it cuts me up every day of my life. Randy Rhoads Rest In Peace And Love.”

Number Eight: He Collaborated With Madonna. Osbourne and Madonna contributed vocals to the same song. The song was “Shake Your Head (Let’s Go to Bed)” by Was (Not Was).