Orange Is The New Black: 31 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Orange Is The New Black has become one of the most popular television shows of all since its release on Netflix. The show has a cult following, but how much do you really know about it? Here, we present our list of 31 things you didn’t know about Orange Is The New Black. Check out part one below, and stay tuned for parts two and three, coming soon!

Number Thirty-One: The Episode Titles Are Stated in Every Show. Pay attention to the titles of the episodes in OITNB. You’ll find that the episode title is said by a character at least once in every episode.

Number Thirty: Jodie Foster Directed an Episode. And it was an important one! Foster, who you might know from Silence of the Lambs, directed the first episode in the second season.

Number Twenty-Nine: Another Famous Person Directed Four More Episodes. Andrew McCarthy, who you might know from the Brat Pack, directed four episodes in the second season.

Number Twenty-Eight: And He Made a Cameo in an Episode. We already mentioned that Andrew McCarthy directed four episodes, but did you know he makes a cameo in one of the episodes? You can find him as a cardboard figure behind a cop in one of the episodes he directed.

Number Twenty-Seven: Sister Ingalls Wasn’t Beth Fowler’s First Role as a Nun. Beth Fowler plays the role of Sister Ingalls in OITNB, but that wasn’t her first rodeo acting as a nun. You can find Fowler in both Sister Act and Sister Act 2!

Number Twenty-Six: Red Is Piper’s Mother. Well, sort of. Red is played by Kate Mulgrew, and Piper is played by Taylor Schilling. Mulgrew played Schilling’s mother in the television series Mercy from 2009 to 2010.

Number Twenty-Five: Lori Petty Makes a Cameo. Remember the woman with the short hair who sits next to Piper on that famous flight? Well, that’s Lori Petty, who played the character of Kit Keller in A League of Their Own.

Number Twenty-Four: Laura Prepon Predicted Her Fate as Alex. You probably know Laura Prepon, who plays Alex, was in That ’70s Show before OITNB. However, Prepon’s character on That ’70s Show actually predicted her fate in OITNB – in one episode, she says “I could get arrested. I could go to a girl prison.”

Number Twenty-Three: The Real Alex Vause Is Catherine Cleary Wolters. You probably know that OITNB is based on a real story, and the real Alex Vause is named Catherine Cleary Wolters. The glasses Vause wears in the show are exactly the same as the glasses Wolters wears in real life.

Number Twenty-Two: The Real Piper Wasn’t in Jail With Wolters. Though Piper and Alex are in jail together in OITNB, in reality, the actual Piper was never in jail with Catherine Cleary Wolters. The only time she did see her was when she testified in Chicago. Stay tuned for parts two and three of our list of 31 things you didn’t know about OITNB, coming soon!