Once Upon A Time: 15 Reasons Regina Rules the Show (Part 2)

If you have been following Once Upon a Time for five seasons, you would probably agree that Regina aka the Evil Queen is one of the most fascinating characters. We have seen her evolve from villain to hero to somewhere down the middle, and her path has been very fascinating. We already brought you part one of this list, and here we present part two. Check it out below!

Number Eight: She Sacrifices Her Life. Not only has Regina sacrificed her life once, but twice to save the people she loves. In an alternate reality with memory loss, she took a knife in the chest and saved Storybrooke from the “author”.

Number Seven: She is Smart. Besides the fact that she unleashed the most powerful dark curse in history. She also finally outsmarts her sister Zelena “Wicked Witch of the West”.

Number Six: She Shares Her Son. If we know Regina we know how much she loves Henry. Since the beginning, she allowed Henry to live with his birth mother Emma. Even though we are sure she could’ve magically prevented this somehow.

Number Five: She Gives Her Son a New Life. In one of the saddest episodes ever. She sacrifices the person she loves most. She erased Henry’s memory to allow him a fresh start with Emma.

Number Four: She Ends Her Rivalry With Snow White. This one is huge because not only did she blame Snow White for her lover’s death, but Snow White is the reason her mother is dead.

Number Three: She Defeated Peter Pan. Although it was a group effort, Regina was the most powerful one in Neverland. She also saved Henry by switching their bodies back to normal.

Number Two: She Gives Up Power. Even after she proves herself over and over, she gives up her authority in Storybrooke and shares it with Emma, Snow White and Charming.

Number One: She Has Baby Mama Drama. If things aren’t complicated enough, Regina’s sister Zelena is pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby. She is just like us! We hope you enjoyed our list of 15 reasons why Regina rules the show Once Upon A Time!