NY Giants: The Top 6 Must-Know Team Facts

The NY Giants are definitely a fan favorite team; despite any performance they have given. What makes this legendary team so fantastic? We are here to show you! Read on to discover the six facts that you must know about this NFL team!

Number Six: The “Miracle” of the Meadowlands

The worst game in Giants history, dubbed the “Miracle of the Meadowlands”, produced an epic loss for the New York team. In the 1978 games against the Eagles that made headlines, the Giants had an almost imminent victory within their grasp, with only 31 seconds left in the game. All the team had to do was stall for time, but the coaches had another plan in mind. They planned a running play to ring in the game, which opened up the opportunity for the Philadelphia team to score. After Herman Edwards took hold of the ball and miraculously made it to the end zone, the Eagles conquered the game with a 19-12 score.

Number Five: They Played in the Yankee Stadium

Back in the team’s early days, the Yankee Stadium served as the home field for both the football and baseball stars of New York. In the year 1956, the Giants were in transition between switching from the old Polo Grounds to the then in-progress stadium in New Jersey. Since that time, they jumped from the Yankee Stadium, to the Yale Bowl, and to the Shea Stadium before finally landing in their own Giants Stadium in 1976.

Number Four: No Cleats for the NY Giants

Football cleats emerged as a revolutionary footwear option to enhance traction on the field, however in one game, they simply didn’t live up to expectations. In a unique game against the Chicago Bears in 1934, the Giants were forced to play for the championship on an icy Polo Grounds field. When the cleats caused players to actually slide on the frozen ground more than usual, coach Steve Owen decided that basketball sneakers would be a better fit to the hazardous conditions. This legendary “Sneakers Game” ended with a 30-13 win against the Bears with their innovative advantage.

Number Three: They Popularized the Left Tackle

What is now one of the most popular tackle techniques in the art of football was actually popularized by a 1985 Giants game. If you have ever seen or read The Blind Side, you know exactly what we are talking about. In this monumental game, Giants player Lawrence Taylor pounced a left tackle on Redskins’ quarterback, Joe Theismann. The attack effectively shattered both the quarterbacks’ leg and career, and posed a new concept to coaches everywhere. The results of this game shed light to every team’s coach on the importance of drafting the most beast-like, immovable quarterbacks in the industry; due to the importance of left tackles, these players now make more money than any other position in the game.

Number Two: The Real Name

If you were to call the team the New York Giants, you would actually be speaking incorrectly. As crazy as that sounds, the team’s actual, official name is the New York Football Giants. Originally the simple NY Giants, the team had to undergo a name change in 1937 to differentiate themselves from the New York Giants of the MLB. This was mainly an issue because for an extended time, they shared a home field at the Polo Grounds.

Number One: A Team for NFL Firsts

In all of the extensive history of professional football, the NY Giants were the very first team ever to retire a player’s jersey. The legendary event took place after end and assistant coach Ray Flaherty left the team in 1935. He then moved on to lead the Redskins to years of victory, and received his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1976. Coincidentally, this first-of-many retired jersey was No. 1- literally. We hope you enjoyed learning the top six must-know team facts about the NY Giants!