My Morning Jacket at Bonnaroo

We have a soft spot in our hearts for My Morning Jacket, and the group did not disappoint us at Bonnaroo this year. They played on the “What” stage at 8pm on Saturday, and a faint perfume of marijuana smoke hung above the happy crowd like a haze of magic. There was a lot of singing along that could be heard from the audience, and the whole experience felt very special. My Morning Jacket is a group that has built a reputation for challenging paradigms and thinking outside of the box. They have mastered a broad palette of sounds and styles, and they also put on a consistently solid live show. The group first got together more than 15 years ago in Louisville, Kentucky. The used to rehearse in a shed on guitarist Johnny Quaid’s grandparents’ farm, which they called Above the Cadillac Studios. The group writes music that draws upon their rich knowledge of classic rock, country, soul and psychedelia. They spin these influences together into a fresh, life-affirming kind of rock and roll that aches because it is so good. They definitely put on a good show this year at Bonnaroo.