Music Musings: Polish Band Harrison Chord Interview

Music Musings Harrison Chord Interview

Photo Courtesy of Ola Blazowska

The duo known as Harrison Chord is made up DJs Tom Bednarczyk and Kobster. Their live shows and DJ sets are always very miscellaneous in style, but always get people dancing to the deep house with a retro-twist music. In addition to performing and recording, Kobster and Tom are also owners of We Are Your Music Mate, one of the finest Polish electronic music labels around. FDRMX had a chance to pick their brains about a few things, from electronic music to cartoons.

1. FDRMX: The band has only been together for two years, but already you have majorly broken into the Polish dance scene. Do you have upcoming shows and/or tours outside Poland? When and where? Any chance you’ll tour in the U.S. in the near future?

Tom Bednarczyk: We don’t have any upcoming gigs outside Poland at the moment but we hope that will change. We played in Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Belarus and few other places. We really want to play in U.S.

Kobster: I‘m going to U.S. for my honeymoon in September/October.

2. FDRMX: Tell us about the founding of your electronic music label, “We Are Your Music Mate.”  How did you start it?

Harrison Chord: Tom founded WAYMM three years ago just to promote good quality electronic music. That’s all.

3. FDRMX: Who are some artists you have produced under your label?

HC:  We have released a lot of great artists under WAYMM. To name just a few: An On Bast – first lady of Polish electronic music, Kixnare – guy who produced a lot of great hip-hop tunes, and now he’s more into electronic stuff, The Phantom – one of our favorite producers.

4. FDRMX: You do both live acts and DJ sets. Which do you prefer to do more and why?

HC: We prefer to play our own music live, but DJ sets also give us a lot of fun.

5. FDRMX: How involved were you in the making of your music video “She Will Fixate You” (currently featured on FDRMX)?

HC: We made video for “She” with our friend, director Tomasz Wolszczak. We had some concept and Tomasz brought it to life. The girl from a video is also our friend.

6. FDRMX: You describe your own music as “Black Tropical House.” What does this mean?

HC: It’s a joke. We don’t like all this new music genres names.

7. FDRMX: Where can international fans purchase and/or listen to your songs?

HC: You can listen and purchase our music on platforms like Soundcloud, iTunes, Beatport, Spotify and more. You can also come to listen us live!

8. FDRMX: Soundbar Records released an EP by Adam Zasada “Lonely”  on June 16th, featuring Harrison Chord on it.  What can you tell us about it?

HC: We made this one some time ago with Adam Zasada, young and very talented DJ/producer from Poland. Lonely is freaky tune, but we like it and it’s ready for dancefloors. Our mates from Viadrina also made a pretty cool remix.

9. FDRMX: Are you currently working on any new projects, albums, or singles we can look forward to hearing?

HC: We have two EPs ready for release and we’re working on another one. We’re also working on some side projects. Stay tuned!

10. FDRMX: Do you believe electronic music sounds better on vinyl or does it matter what format you record music on?

HC: We love vinyls, we have to save vinyls for our sons and daughters, but good music is good music no matter what format.

11. FDRMX:  What is Kobster’s daughter’s name?

HC: Alabama. It’s from “True Romance” movie.

12. FDRMX: What was your favorite childhood cartoon?

Kobster: I was a big Bugs Bunny fan as a kid. Loney Tunes for me.

Tom: Pinguin Pik Pok, an old Polish cartoon.

13. FDRMX: Your music video “She” has a girl with a Batman tattoo on her shoulder. Who are your favorite superheros and why?

HC: Yeah, that girl who plays in “She” is big comic fan. Kobster’s favorite superhero is Spiderman and Tom’s fave is Batman and we really don’t know why.

Check out Harrison Chord’s music video “She” on the Encyclopedia of Music below: