Miike Snow – The Wave

[jwplatform 7QICkKLL-Pqiywodl]

A burning piece of spacecraft hurtling towards the earth opens Swedish indie pop artist Miike Snow’s music video for “The Wave.” It crashes into the desert with an aftershock strong enough to rattle your skull and the militaristic drumline rhythm of the song drops. Immediately the camera is panning over a dusty playground with elementary school-aged kids strewn all over it. A cop car pulls up and two stunned officers step out of the car, coffee and doughnuts in hand, staring in shock at the aftermath of whatever struck the desert. More police arrive, and they slowly begin gathering up the bodies, preparing to bury them right there near the playground. Suddenly, an alien man appears, tearing down the highway. His profile features a nose worthy of an animated hero, as is the black leather pants, heeled boots, and shirtless torso. He races through the desert and is joined by clones of himself. They descend upon the playground, and their strange calls elicit even stranger behavior from the law enforcement officials while a reporter looks on from behind a tree.

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