Metabolism: 6 Things That Will Slow Yours Down

Your body has ways of burning calories on its own, as long as you don’t get in the way of the process! The quicker your metabolism is running, the more calories your body is burning. And just as there are ways to speed up this necessary and beneficial process (by getting plenty of exercise, for instance), certain actions or habits can slow it down. Here are some metabolism-slowing activities you should be aware of.

Number Six: Cutting Dairy Out of Your Diet

Healthy muscles are absolutely essential for keeping your metabolism running efficiently. Women who consume dairy lose more fat and gain more muscle than those who eat less.

Number Five: Keeping Your Body Too Warm Slows Metabolism

Cold speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn more calories. Turning down your heat, sleeping in cooler temperatures at night, and spending time outside in nature will have an effect.

Number Four: Getting Rid of Too Many Carbs

It’s important that you do not eliminate carbs altogether, especially if you exercise often. Without the necessary carbs, you won’t have enough energy to maintian your fitness routine at all!

Number Three: Rushing Through Strength Training

Lifting weights is a great and effective method for building muscle. But if you find yourself wanting to rush through the reps, you need to be aware that this causes you to lose out on the major metabolism-boosting effect that slower reps can have. Do yourself a favor and don’t speed through your strength training routine.

Number Two: Engaging in the Wrong Snack Habits

Instead of opting for supposedly metabolism-boosting treats such as rice cakes, put some nuts into your snack habits. Nutrients from this food source, especially from walnuts, may improve the activity of certain genes that are responsible for fat burning, so you burn a lot more calories during your day

Number One: Using Sea Salt Instead of Regular Table Salt

Sea salt is a better-tasting and supposedly healthier option than plain and typical table salt, but it doesn’t have any iodine, which is a crucial element for improving metabolism. You don’t have to get rid of it entirely, but use it sparingly. Thanks for reading.