Men: 6 Must-Do Activities Before Summer Ends

Summer: the season of beach bods, long fun-filled nights, and mouth watering foods. Unfortunately, this much-loved season will be waving goodbye soon. That means no more showing your hard earned six pack off and no more driving around with the top down. However, you still have time to fit in some of the things you still want to do before Mr. Golden Sun goes on vacation. Here are five things you must do before the summer ends.

Number Six: One last BBQ at the beach.

Barbecuing has always been a summer time must. If you’ve managed to already get one or two barbecues in, then you’re way ahead of the pack. In any case, do yourself a favor and go out with a bang by firing up the grill at the beach. Make this last BBQ memorable.

Number Five: Go hiking and camping.

The great outdoors will soon be smothered with colorful leaves and eventually covered in snow, depending on your location. Enjoying a couple days in the wild with some good friends is definitely a must. Turn your phone off, get away from a computer screen, and just go.

Number Four: Attend a bonfire.

Not only are bonfires cool, but they’re also a great way to socialize and catch up with your circle. Add to the experience by bringing a cooler of beer, hotdogs, and ingredients for s’mores.

Number Three: Take your S.O. to a drive-in theater.

These are a dime a dozen. So if you’re lucky enough to have a drive-in movie theater near you, take advantage of it. Doing something out of the ordinary once in a while is good for the soul and your relationship. Even though a movie date is typical, a drive-in movie takes this normal experience to a whole different level.

Number Two: See a Summer blockbuster.

If you’ve been living under a rock the whole summer and haven’t seen a single summer blockbuster hit, you may be considered lame. OK, I’m kidding. But seriously, go see one before they all leave the box office.

Number One: Go on vacation.

Visit a city you’ve never been to or one that always shows you good time every time you go. Getting away from your usual surroundings will re-energize you and prepare you for the end of the season.