Mel Gibson: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Despite his tumultuous past, Mel Gibson is still loved by many. Here are more facts about this actor that you probably didn’t know.

Number Eight: He Likes Slapstick

The films that Mel Gibson has been a part of are often quite humorless and edgy, but he prefers watching comedy. His favorite comedy series is The Three Stooges. What a classic!

Number Seven: Mel Gibson Has a Wonky Kidney

Mel Gibson has a strange condition related to his kidneys. It’s called the “horseshoe kidney” condition where one’s kidneys are fused together.

Number Six: He Was Almost James Bond

When it came time to produce GoldenEye, Mel Gibson was seriously considered. However, as the auditions went on, the producers felt that Pierce Brosnan was more fit for the role.

Number Five: He Cares about Children

One of the things that Mel Gibson is passionate about is the well-being of children. Over the years, he’s given quite a bit of money towards a charity known as Healing the Children.

Number Four: He Suffers From a Mental Disorder

Many people who have seen this actor act strangely in public have attributed it to his alcoholism, but it seems as if that is merely a side effect. What people don’t know is that he suffers from bipolar disorder. That must be quite a difficult thing to live with.

Number Three: He Has Dual Citizenship

Something that many people don’t know about this actor is that he has a dual citizenship. One of them is American, and the other is Irish.

Number Two: He Father Was on Television

No, this doesn’t mean that his father was an actor. In actuality, Mel Gibson’s dad was on Jeopardy. To make things more awesome, he won! The family used the money to move to Australia. It could be said that without the money to move down under, Mel would have never been an actor!

Number One: He Has a Lot of Children

For a long time, he was married to the same woman. In those thirty years, he fathered seven children. Wow! That almost deserves a television show in itself.