Mel Gibson: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

For a good number of years, Mel Gibson has been in the spotlight. The public doesn’t know everything about this man, however. Here are some facts about Mel that might make you reevaluate your opinion of him.

Number Fifteen: Mel Gibson Suffered from Stage Fright

When he began acting for the very first time, Mel Gibson seriously suffered from stage fright. When he got his first role on stage, it was so bad that he had to play the part sitting down!

Number Fourteen: He Sent a What?

One of the things that Mel Gibson is known for is his sense of humor. Once, when he  sent a freeze-dried rat to Julia Roberts. Talk about disgusting!

Number Thirteen: He Didn’t Always Want to Act

Knowing at least some of the roles Mel Gibson has played in the past, it is sort of hard to believe that he didn’t want to act once upon a time. Instead, he wanted to be a journalist because he had found that line of work to be very interesting.

Number Twelve: He Starting Drinking Young

When the actor was just 13 years old, he began to start drinking. Drinking is never a good idea, but it’s particularly harmful to younglings. Sadly, Mel Gibson now deals with alcoholism.

Number Eleven: He Doesn’t Like The Limelight

This is quite ironic, seeing his line of work. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that Mel Gibson would much rather stay in a tent than be in the middle of dozens of paparazzi cameras.

Number Ten: There’s Singing in His Background

The women in Mel Gibson’s family are quite interesting. His grandmother, for instance, was an opera singer. He would often hear her sing when they spent time together.

Number Nine: He Cares About The Environment

In this day and age, people spend more time making sure that they are living in a  sustainable manner. Mel Gibson also believes this. Once, he even donated half a million dollars to the El Mirador Basin Project to protect the Central American rain forests. There’s a lot more to this actor that a good number of people don’t know. Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!