Maria Sharapova: Top 7 Memorable Interview Quotes

Maria Sharapova is a famous tennis player who originally comes from Russia. She offers inspiration to female athletes all across the world, and has said a lot of memorable things over time. Here are some of her most poignant bits of wisdom.

Number Seven: ‘If Everything Was Going Smoothly You Would Never Builld Character’

This is a wonderful and unique take on adversity. Instead of seeing it as a negative force, she sees it as something that makes you a better person.

Number Six: ‘I Want to be Different. If Everyone is Wearing Black, I Want to be Wearing Red’

Instead of wanting to blend in with everyone else, Maria decided to do her own thing. It seems to be going quite well for her!

Number Five: ‘I’m Focused on Going Out Every Day and Doing My Best’

People who focus on accepting nothing but their best achieve great things. Sharapova is a prime example of this.

Number Four: ‘It’s Pretty Hard Being a Tennis Player and Mother Theresa at the Same Time and That’s Just the Way It Is’

She cares about being great at her sport, not being perfect. Impressing everyone is not in her job description, as she’s said before.

Number Three: ‘The More Matches I Play, the More Confident I Get’

This is a woman who knows her own skill. Each time she plays she feels better about her chances, because she is well aware of her own talent. Instead of being shy or falsely humble about this, she owns it.

Number Two: ‘I Want My Tennis to Speak for Everything’ – Maria Sharapova

This shows extreme dedication to her life path. Maria is not the type that is wishy-washy about things. She knows what her life is about, and wants that to shine through to everything else in her life.

Number One: ‘When I Walk Through That Gate to the Court, That’s my Escape. I Block Out Everything, Good and Bad’

This is very apparent by the level of focus she shows as she plays. We hope you enjoyed our article about Maria Sharapova, and that you learned a few new things about her. Thanks for reading.