Man Tightroping Through Rainbow Above Waterfall

A tightroping man has been photographed walking through a rainbow in fantastic photos taken at one of Brazil’s most famous waterfalls. The man’s buddy, Cauhy Rodrigueson, took the photographs while the rainbow was visible. The unbelievable photos reveal Brazilian highliner Reginaldo Gomes, 34, going across the renowned Waterfall of Smoke in Brazil on Sunday.

Reginaldo began highlining two years ago. The photos were flawlessly timed as it looks as though he was strolling through the rainbow. Reginaldo exclaimed: “It was great!”

Highlining is similar to slacklining, but at elevated heights. Slacklining is the practice of using webbing tensioned between two points (the anchors) to walk across. Slacklining and highlining are similar to slack rope walking and tightrope walking, but slacklines are different from tightwires and tightropes in that they are designed to create a tension that resembles a trampoline, rather than something more rigid.

As Reginaldo highlined, he looked like he was strolling through the colors. And he was also prepared with an explanation: “Because of the smoke from the waterfall and the sun’s reflection, you can see rainbow of various angles and sizes. The sheer volume of water and the intense noise makes you a bit nervous. And at that time, you have to stay calm, take a deep breath and walk – I feel very privileged to be able to do this. The pictures are amazing – they capture the colors of the rainbow brilliantly.”

Earlier in 2015, another tightroping man walked 984 feet above the ground between two buildings in Australia. The record-breaking man allegedly had a leg cramp while he performed the unbelievable stunt. Will this new rainbow walking stunt replace the double rainbow video of lore? Probably not, but it is undeniably awesome.