Man Surprises Girlfriend With Speeding Ticket Proposal

In yet another attempt to surprise a significant other with a shocking proposal, one Iowa man decided to propose to his girlfriend under the guise of receiving a speeding ticket, reports The Des Moines Register. He got an officer to fake pulling him over so he could pull off the ridiculous stunt.

Jeff Schulte and girlfriend Jenna Reitz were on their way to her parents’ house for Thanksgiving when Johnston officer Matt Chiles pulled them over for speeding. However, what Jenna didn’t know is that her boyfriend planned to be pulled over on purpose. Interestingly, this wasn’t Schulte’s first time being pulled over by Chiles. Over the summer, Chiles pulled Schulte over for speeding. The reason for speeding? Schulte was on the way to meet Reitz’s parents for the first time. Schulte thought it would be funny to involve the same officer in his proposal.

When Schulte was pulled over, Reitz had no idea what was going on. To pull off the proposal, Schulte was put in handcuffs and had Reitz get out of the car. As he was about to go get in the police car, he got down on one knee and proposed. She had no idea what was going on and must have felt an extreme change in emotions. According to Reitz, “Jeff knows that about me, that I love that stuff, and that’s why we get along so well. That’s why I think it was a perfect proposal for us.” Well, to each her own.

Though the proposal went off without a hitch, Chiles has never been involved in anything like this. According to Johnston Police Chief Bill Vaughn, in his 41 years being part of the police force, he’s never seen anything like what Schulte and Reitz did. Chiles was also surprised to be asked to be a part of it, but he enjoyed the experience, saying “It was hard not to smile a couple of times when I was saying things. I especially like her face when she got out of the vehicle.”

Clearly, Reitz said yes. Schulte and Reitz are scheduled to be married on July 15 of 2016. Vaughn went on to state that it’s instances like these that remind people that the police are truly part of the community and have everyone’s best interests in mind. Check out the video of the full proposal below.