Madonna: ‘Ghosttown’ Single Review

Inside the gripping single, “Ghosttown,” from the “unapologetic bitch,” Madonna shows that she is still human just like the rest of us and believes in love even in the darkest times. She promises her lover, “When it all falls / When it all falls down / I’ll be your fire / When the lights go out,” in one of her most striking numbers in years. The influential track portrays how an emotion like love can change someone and make them feel on top of the world by not being alone. Madonna presently lives full and pure on this affectionate and compassionate ballad.

Simplicity is created in the production and grants the powerful lyrics a perfect platform to project the importance of words with a masterful intuitive nature. The melting of a snow cone on a blazing hot day is how this song evaporates into our blood stream in a state of emergency. In a state of emotions, the song unites everyone in the name of love; before it goes to hell, “All we’ve got left is love / Might as well start with us.”

Truly in classic Madonna subtlety, her emotions present in this song run this track into masterclass category with a conviction not present from Madonna in ages. Moreover, the polished lyrics flow to the heart, “When no else around / We’ll be to souls in a ghosttown,” which inspire a passionate performance from the artist. Vocal limits hinder the song and it is most evident during the bridge: “I know we’re alright / Cause we’ll never be alone / In this mad mad / In this mad mad world / Even with no light / We’re gonna shine like gold.” Singing a song like “Ghosttown,” with a message propelling love, just screams for an insulin shot of vocal tone.

As a single, it is the best thing Madonna released since “4 Minutes,” from the album, Hard Candy. The vocals evoke emotions and embody the spirit living on the track. Her vulnerability here connects the song’s lyrics in a way for the song’s message to aide the song’s future potential on the very competitive Billboard charts. This song evokes many emotions from listeners, either in love or near the edge of the cliff, and Madonna completes a worthy song worth receiving mentions and accolades at the Grammys 2016 telecast.