Madonna: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

We already brought you part one of 15 things you didn’t know about Madonna, and now we’re back with part two! Though this pop superstar spends a lot of time under a microscope being scrutinized, there are still some facts that many people don’t know. Below are eight more fascinating facts about our favorite “Material Girl.”

Number Eight: She Doesn’t Watch TV. The only two shows this pop diva watches are True Detective and The Fall. She’s a huge fan of Gillian Anderson.

Number Seven: Her Most Embarrassing Moment. Her most embarrassing moment happened on stage at the 2015 Brit Awards. Apparently, two small Japanese girls choked her off of the stage, and she fell down.

Number Six: She Hates Mushrooms. Her two least favorite foods are mushroom and escargot. She thinks they have a texture similar to snot.

Number Five: Her Favorite Michael Jackson Memory Is… Though she admits to having a difficult time getting the late King of pop to open up, she describes one instance in which she got him drunk at the Ivy in Beverly Hills. She was driving with him in her car and dared him to throw his sunglasses out the window. She enjoyed finally seeing him with his guard down.

Number Four: She Likes Being Single. Her favorite thing about being single is that she doesn’t have to share a bathroom. She’s convinced that marriages won’t last if the two partners have to share a bathroom. Hey, it makes sense!

Number Three: She Doesn’t Miss Her Home. Her hometown of Michigan is where her roots are, but she’ll never go back there. She doesn’t miss a single thing about growing up in the midwestern state.

Number Two: There Is One Thing She’ll Never Wear. Though you’ll often see Madonna sporting all different kinds of clothing, the one thing you’ll never see her in is a fur bikini. The singer isn’t against fur and has been spotted wearing fur numerous times, but apparently, a fur bikini is just too much.

Number One: She Doesn’t Want to Be “The Wife.” The one thing Madonna misses least about being married is being called “the wife.” However, we’re not really sure who would ever call her “the wife.” It’s Madonna and “the husband,” not the other way around, people!