Luke Bryan: ‘I See You’ Single Review

Despite Crash My Partys release in August 2013, I See Youhas surfaced as Luke Bryans newsingle. This is the sixth single from the album, and it is accompanied by some pretty powerful counterparts such as Thats My Kind of Night, Play It Again, and the title track, Crash My Party.Bryan recently revealed he struggled deciding whether I See Youor Crash My Partyshould have been the lead single for the album it was a great call that they went with Crash My Party.

In comparison to the other songs from Crash My Party, I See Youis completely lackluster. Especially for it being the sixth song listeners have been inundated with, one would hope there would be a little more going on in this power ballad. On the surface, I See Youis another song about Bryans heart getting broken and him not being able to cope with it because shes still always with him in his phone, subconscious, truck – the memories are everywhere! This would be fine if it were somehow communicated differently than every other time before. However, its the same Luke Bryan using the same buzzwords and somehow still staying afloat in the country music world.

Of particular interest is the sub-chorus Jumpin up there with the band / Takinme by the hand / Hey boy, come dance with me/ Stuck like a melody, which is a refreshing change from the same four power chords throughout the duration of the song. If Bryan gives an interview about I See You, hes most likely to remark on how much he loves this part of it. He loves it for how melodicit is, and hes not wrong, but what stands out to me is that it comically sounds akin to Like A Prayerby Madonna. Perhaps because its chord progression rivals that of the one in Like A Prayer”’s bridge. And perhaps this is my favorite part as well, if only because it makes me feel as if Im listening to something, anything else.

Additionally, this is another country song that feels rushed. It seems as though Bryan and his songwriters were so heavily invested in the chorus that the verses didnt get enough attention and why should they? As long as he speeds through them to get to the crowd-pleasing chorus, everything is fine. Moving forward, Im hoping that Bryan will try to branch out just a little bit, but I know its a lost hope the next album will probably still be full of unbelievable rhymes (Girl you make my speakers go boom boom / … That kinda thing makes a man go mm mm’”) and references to his truck. Good riddance.