Ludacris: ‘Call Ya Bluff’ Single Review

Ludacris calls out those fake imitators in the rap game on the hard-hitting single, “Call Ya Bluff,” from his album, Ludaversal, which dropped last year. Ludaversal is the first album from the rapper in five years. Also, this is his last album with Def Jam. The label should actively hype the hell out of this project, at least for the fans’ sake. 

Nevertheless, the Atlanta-born rapper dazzles some much-needed swag that is reminiscent of the hit smash, “Move Bitch.” This is heat, but far off from the outrageous singles that Luda dropped back in the day. Atlanta natives will be happy to have something from the rapper that they can spin in the streets.

Ludacris snapped furiously over his verse; “Never f*** with a n**** who got some kids / Cause when you talk about me, then you talk about them / Then I gotta come where you live / You takin’ food out they mouth, now I gotta put a fist in yours.” He is threatening haters since there is a problem with him cashing Hollywood checks for almost five years. It is the toughest song that Bridges released in over a decade. It is great to hear him craving to prove that he is still Decatur-born and ready to get his musical roots planted upright this time. Ludacris is best when spitting bars and supplying great wordplay and punchlines.

The thumping rhythm aids the mood for the artist to come in and allow reactions to current situations flow effortlessly. The chorus harmonizes the beat’s intensity: “I see that liquor got you loose / When you see me, n****, say it like you said it in the booth / I’ll make you n****s lose a tooth / When you see me, n****, say it like you said it in the booth / F*** y’all n****s, I’m the truth.” Supposedly the listeners will be anticipating to see who responds to this diss record and to see who it is specifically about.

As a single, Ludacris used the Word of Mouf influence with this record. Anyone who loved his earlier work will instantly recognize that old Luda has returned.