Hitwe: Meet Real People – Expert Dating Site Review

Hitwe is an innovative online social discovery network that empowers to you bond with other people instantly through its state-of-the-art algorithm coupled with an intuitive interface. It specializes in the online dating aspect of social bonding and provides a safe environment in which you can discover other people and forge meaningful relationships with them.

Hitwe was founded in the year 2016 to address the needs of those who require a reliable and trustworthy platform to make new friends and meet potential romantic partners. Hitwe has been deployed as a website as well as a handy mobile app and is being used by over 1.5 million people belonging to over 200 nations. The network can be used gratis and you can further empower yourself by becoming a premium user of Hitwe for a reasonable price.

It is available in more than 20 languages that include, but not limited to, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian and Indonesian. The interface also provides support for the languages, German, Italian, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Turkish, Hindi and Filipino. It is fully featured with capabilities of chatting, messaging and nonverbal means of communication such as emoticons.

At Hitwe, our aim is to ensure that you feel secure in your interactions on the platform and enjoy it to the fullest. Hitwe has built-in measures for spam and fraud detection that have had to be put into place as it gained popularity with the masses. In addition to that, a team of moderators work diligently to ensure that any suspicious or potentially harmful content is removed from the platform.

Powering up the Profile

The very first thing that a person sees when they are interested in you is your profile. A profile goes beyond a flashy picture and some cheesy quote. On Hitwe, there is a wide variety of tools that you can use to make your profile stand out from the crowd. In addition to being able to sync your Hitwe profile with your facebook profile, you can add as much information as you want about yourself. There is no limit to the number of photo uploads you can make

The dashboard of your profile contains icons that display the number of visitors of your profile, the number of likes you have received, and the number of likes you have given out. If you want to know in detail about the people who have visited you, you can head over to the “Notifications” tab. To access the complete features of the notification tab, you can upgrade to the premium membership.

The pane on the left-hand side of your profile contains icons for instant access to all your messages, likes, contacts and much more. The “Discovery” section is the one that connects you to other people. You can embark on an exploration or a discovery for the person of your dreams completely hassle-free. The section of “Mutual Likes” displays those profiles who you have “liked” and have received “likes” from them.

The user profile is set up in such a way that you won’t have to go through the banal task of filling out forms for the purpose of finding people “suitable” for you. The algorithm matches you with other people based on your profile. Unlike meeting a stranger in a bar or a club, the profiles shown to you are a result of various calculations in the background. People who reside nearby will be shown more often than those who don’t.

Core Features

Conventional algorithms used by many dating platforms tend to make users fill out tedious forms and then search for matches based on that information; which is not a reliable way of finding potential partners. We, at Hitwe, pride ourselves on the flexibility of the network.

  • Users can go to the “Discovery” section and search for people without restriction, unlike the vast majority of dating apps out there.
  • A key component that sets Hitwe apart from other social discovery networks is its cutting-edge search and discovery feature. The algorithm matches users according to their age, location and gender.
  • You can customize your search by using filters and only those profiles are shown to you that match the criteria set by you.
  • The development team at Hitwe has meticulously planned every detail of the platform in order to provide the best experience. A key part of social networking is instant messaging and the interface allows you to chat with anyone that takes your fancy.
  • You can integrate your Hitwe profile with your other social media profiles, such as your Facebook profile, and present yourself as elegantly as you want to other people.
  • The interface also features an option for “liking” or “disliking” a profile and it sends out notifications to those who have been liked by you and vice-versa. All the profiles that you have “liked” are stored in a folder for your reference later.

To make your profile attractive, you can upload a quality profile picture and add details describing your personality. A book cannot be judged by its cover and in a similar way, a person cannot judge you solely based on your pictures. After your profile is complete, you can head over to the “Discovery” section in the Menu and look for potential matches.

You can “like” or “dislike” other people’s profiles in the Discovery section. Once you have made your choice on the other person, the system will immediately produce the next challenger in line for your perusal. You could make your choice straightaway or you can add them to your list of contacts and revisit them later. You can also click on their profile and look at the number of likes and visitors that they have received. If you choose to send a message to them, you are given a choice of selecting from a few different introductory phrases. You can, of course, choose to type in your own signature introductory message.

The Royal Treatment

While every user can take advantage of the core features of the network, upgrading to a premium account entitles you to certain benefits as outlined below:

  • In the plethora of messages floating around in the world of dating, your messages appear above others. Moreover, you get a notification when your message has been read.
  • You have a huge number of likes at your disposal while standard users are limited in the number of likes they can give away. While a limited number of “likes” is in no way an impediment to someone’s search for love, having more likes in your arsenal gives you a mathematical edge in the world of dating. Furthermore, Hitwe features a system of adding and storing contacts so that you can always stay in touch with the people you like.
  • The network features a list of “TOP-people” which is an achievement bestowed upon the avid, premium users of the network. Once you are a TOP-user, we ensure that your achievement is conspicuous in all your interactions on the network. A top user is free to message or like whoever they fancy.
  • You are allowed to have unlimited contacts and can send messages and likes to anyone on Hitwe. You won’t be pestered by advertisements and your profile will be showed with a much higher frequency (about ten times higher) to other users. You can opt for a daily, weekly, monthly or an annual subscription.

Stymying the Scammer

After the unprecedented rise in recognition and popularity, many malicious entities attempted to abuse the network to satisfy their own means. The modus operandi of most spammers/scammers is to portray themselves as someone that they are not, establish a strong bond with an innocent user, and ask for money or private information that would serve their end.

Some of the most common patterns of scams are outlined below:

  • Emergency Scam: The perpetrator tries to establish a deep connection with you too soon. They usually portray themselves as someone living in a distant country and inundate you with compliments and trinkets to sway you. Then one fine day, they message you and say that they have been in an accident and require money from you immediately. If you were to make a transaction, they disappear from the scene and are never heard from again.
  • Charity Scam: A charity scam works in a similar way to the “Emergency” scam. They might use a recent natural disaster to garner sympathy from you and persuade you into donating some amount to their “charity” account.
  • Business Investment: The perpetrator tries to rope you into a phony business venture and asks you to invest your money in it. Beware of any quick money-making schemes that you see online.
  • Fake Police: A scammer may portray themselves as law enforcement officials and ask for “administrative” payments for their “administrative procedure”. Be aware that the police are not entitled to ask for payments from an individual.

Hitwe makes use of the latest technology to keep the network safe and free from

misleading or offensive content. The Google Cloud Vision API is a computer vision algorithm that can classify and detect faces, items or text within an image.

Furthermore, a team of 40+ moderators work around the clock to filter out any offensive content that may have escaped the clutches of the algorithm.

After extensively surveying and studying popular spamming techniques, the technical team at Hitwe implemented security algorithms that targeted those techniques. A guideline of best practices for using the network is provided on our website. After the anti-fraud system was introduced in 2016, the spam level has diminished to a mere 1-2%.

The best weapons against spammers are the users themselves and a complaint by a user against a potential offender can lead to the spammer being banned from using the network. Any complaints by a user of the network is taken very seriously and we urge our users to report any suspicion, no matter how remote it may be, to the staff of Hitwe.

Instant Portal to the Dating World

Hitwe has been deployed as an android and an iOS app on the respective app stores. The Hitwe app was launched in January 2016, aimed at emerging markets in Asia and Africa. The app became an instant hit with the users and received well over 40,000 reviews. It currently rates at 4.2 on Google Play.

The app is fully featured; same as the website and allows you to connect with other people on the move. The inherently compact nature of apps may be more apt for you depending on your preferences. The app starts up and is fully functional within 2 seconds. It has been designed keeping in mind its accessibility and convenience for you. It has undergone rigorous testing and debugging phases and we can affirm that it never crashes.

The app is among the top 10 list of social apps in over 50 countries. The amount of posts made by users of the app reaches over 10 million. The app gets a million active users daily. The collaboration with Facebook led to about three million downloads within four months of its deployment.

Perpetual People Pleaser

Due to the immense success that Hitwe saw after its launch in collaboration with Facebook, it was featured on the main page of Cross-Border Business Handbook. Within 4 months of its launch, the Hitwe app received over 3 million downloads. The Facebook ads which were deployed after extensive research into the demographics of Hitwe users helped reduce the cost per install by about 33%.

Furthermore, Hitwe saw a 27% uplift in average eCPM (Audience Network versus other native ad networks). It is one of the most popular apps today and is a proud entry in the lists of top 10 social apps in over 50 countries. Over 10 million people are active in the network. The app has a rating of 4.2 on Google Play.

Two sides of a coin

Like every other social discovery network out there, Hitwe comes with benefits and limitations. The tools and features of Hitwe make it one of the best choices of dating platforms. Its unique search and discovery feature allows you to find other people with ease. However, there are many out there who seek to take advantage of you. The platform is subject to risks that comes with having an online community.

The cutting-edge technology used to filter scammers may not be enough in some cases. We advise you to be vigilant in your interactions on the network. Also, people tend to open up too soon to others they have just met. Be informed that many people may have no intention of forging a relationship on the network. Many people browse dating platforms facetiously.

The concept of a Premium membership helps in deterring many casual netizens. A premium user is more likely to be looking for a meaningful relationship. With that said, it is not a given that every premium user is to be trusted as scammers have been known to upgrade to premium accounts in order to have access to more tools that serve their end.


Being vigilant on social discovery/networking platforms means not revealing your personal information to someone you have just met. Start by knowing more about them and look for any red flags that have been propounded upon in the earlier sections of the review. If you intend to meet them, arrange to meet them in a public place such as a cafe or a restaurant rather than their residence. And always let your friends know the identity of the other person and the location where you are headed.


Human beings are social animals and our desire to connect with other members of our species is rooted in our genes. We strive to make strong social bonds with others and this is the foundation of our cooperative society. The immense popularity of social networking platforms highlights this quality within us.

Hitwe is beyond a dating platform; it is a social discovery network. The user is endowed with a multitude of tools so that they can find the right person to form a relationship with. Safety is the top-most priority at Hitwe and we work hard to ensure that you have a safe environment. We hope that you enjoy the use of Hitwe and find the person you are searching for.


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