Top 10 Hair Color Ideas for Summer 2017

Thinking about updating your look for the warmer months ahead? We’ve scouted tons of favorite summer hair ideas to bring you 10 amazing summer hair colors.

Cool Purple Hair
Vibrant hues are a fun way of stepping out of the box when updating your look. Cool purple hair gives you that mind-blowing pop of color that grabs attention at first glance. Purple has many different shades to experiment with ranging from lavender, lilac to magenta.

Auburn Balayage
Auburn hair balayage is red hot at the moment regardless of whether it’s soft and coppery red or bold and bright. This hair color is a stunner for those that seek a red result. If you’re a brunette and wants to get a boost of color, then auburn balayage is the way to go.

Honey Blond
Honey blonde is a classic neutral that suits almost everyone. However, this color creates more impact on those with pearly complexions of light to medium tone. For darker complexions, add some warm honey tones in order to avoid looking washed out.

Coral Hair
This hair color makes a bold and beautiful statement, especially for young girls with an appetite for funky colors. It creates a pure vivid color when styled into a pastel look. Coral hair color gives boldly intense results for that high-fashion hair color.

Chocolate Brown
From warm playful cinnamons to sultry espresso, chocolate brown remains a mainstream from season to season. It’s the color of choice for brunettes who want to make a serious statement. This hue is perfectly compatible with any skin tone.

Jet Black
This is one of the most mysterious and alluring hair colors to have. Jet black hair has go that natural lustre and shine that will make heads turn to try and get another glimpse of you.

Black Cherry Red Hair
This is a super trendy hue that helps you create a refined look. It is a gorgeous idea to embrace, especially during summer. You’ll definitely love how the rich black blends in with the red tone. It looks cool on those with darker skin tones and cool brown eyes.

Pink Highlights
With summer on the horizon, there’s no better way to update your look than with that fresh infusion of pink highlights. After all, what girl doesn’t love pink? Pink highlights tend to look great on those with light to medium complexions.

Ash Grey
This hair color is a relatively new addition to the styling scene. This muted color has a mysterious charm reminiscent of fairy creatures. Ash grey looks great when worn as a solid color or when styled into an ombre.

Cold Blue Hair
This hair color looks like a divine welcome for the summer season. It provides a vibrant and vivid hue that’s hard to go unnoticed. Cold blue hair creates more impact when worn as a solid color and it’s a perfect match for those in love with funky hair color ideas.