Accessories: more often than not, they can either make or break an outfit. Some trendy accessories overstay their welcome (looking at you, Emoji backpacks) while others could use more time in the spotlight. Here are six accent pieces that deserve more love and attention in the upcoming year.

Number Six: Clock Backpacks. Spunky backpacks reigned supreme in the 90s and early 2000s. Clock-embedded backpacks ruled schools across the country during this time but have since seemed to disappear. Out of all the 90s backpack trends, clock backpacks are the most charming and practical of them all (sorry, inflatable backpacks). They remind us of the days long before everyone would pull out their phones to check the time. Plus, they look adorkable in the best way possible. With all this 90s nostalgia that’s been going on for a few years now, I can see clock backpacks catching on again, and I for one sure hope they do.


Number Five: Bolo Ties. Who said bolo ties had to be for cowboys only? Often embellished with stones like turquoise, these western ties can commonly be found draped over a button-up or collared shirt of an older, southern gentleman. But I’ve seen some young, stylish bloggers rock these ties with anything from a band-tee and ripped jeans to a floral dress. They’re like a fun alternative to a necklace. It’s time bolo ties swing out of the cattle ranches and into the mainstream.

Number Four: Fingerless Gloves. Fingerless gloves might scream out 80s to many thanks to Madonna, but I’d argue they make much more sense in our day and age. Lots of smartphones out there only respond to direct finger contact. When you’re wearing normal gloves and typing on your phone, the phone will have trouble picking up touch. So basically, gloves sans the finger slots are constant warm hugs for your hands that give you the freedom to text as you wish. Sounds like the perfect glove to start trending again.


Number Three: Derby Hats. The first thing that pops into mind when I think of horse shows (other than horses, obviously) are the lavishly ornate derby hats that many ladies wear. Flowers, feathers, and other decorations cascade the brims like this one in the photo. Very few dare to sport these exquiste hats outside of the shows despite many women I’ve talked to that wished more people would. Less than 100 years ago, large and in charge hats like these could be seen casually on the streets. I think our culture would look a lot more fashionable with a derby hat revival.

Number Two: Mood Rings. Remember back in elementary school when mood rings were the ultimate test to see how your friends really felt? OK, so they aren’t the mind-reading rings you thought they were as a kid since they only go by your body temperature, but even if they aren’t very accurate, they sure are mesmerizingly pretty with their changing shades of the rainbow. It’s time we give these rings some love again. We can even trying re-branding them as chameleon rings or something if it makes the mood-ring skeptics feel better.


Number One: Brooches. Above all the other accessories on this list, brooches are the longest overdue for a big return. Most of us have been acquainted with these dainty pins before (probably because grandma had a huge collection of them) yet so many of us younger folks never think to give them a try. It’s a downright shame if you ask me, because there really isn’t an accessory as versatile as a brooch. Not only do they come in thousands of different styles, but they can add pazzaz to so many pieces and accessories you already own. Jackets, hats, scarves, handbags, you name it- a brooch can dazzle them all. The possibilities with brooches never end, nor should they in years to come.