Ten years ago only school girls were wearing braids, but now braid hairstyles are in fashion. Today you will not see many girls with ponytails or loose hair on the street but trendy ladies with boх, crochet, french, milkmaid or loose braids.

In our opinion, braids hairstyles can really save the day for the modern fashion girl – they are stylish, suitable for both casual or fancy outfits and easy to make. Five-ten minutes in front of the mirror, and your hair will look ranged and pretty for all day long. Add some flowers or a headband and you are ready for a party!

1.Crochet braiding hairstyle

When you see crochet braids it is difficult to believe that this isn’t a real hair. But yes, those amazing braids are made with hair extensions that are crocheted in your own braided hair. This hairstyle looks amazingly realistic and you can literally do whatever you want with it: make it fluffy, straight or braided. Crochet braiding hairstyles allow you to do everything – experiment with colours and styles without damaging your real hair.

2. Greek braid

This braiding hairstyle is loved by brides all around the world. Romantic and bohemian but elegant and classy at the same time – greek braid makes a woman look like a queen. It is definitely a perfect choice for a wedding, gala dinner, party or big formal soiree. At the same time, a little messy greek braid will make you look gorgeous even wearing a white t-shirt with converse and jeans.

3. Boxing braids

A new hairstyle trend – boxing braids. They are loved by celebrities, teens and kids and make every casual outfit look more fancy and special. They are also the best choice for fitness lovers – with boxing braids you will look beautiful while exercising but feel comfy at the same time.

4. Complicated braids hairstyle

Are you a Game of Thrones lover? If so, try Daenerys Targaryen or Sansa Stark braiding hairstyle. It takes quite a lot of time and you definitely will not have patience to do it everyday but it is nice add-on to your casual outfit sometimes. This braiding hairstyle gives emphasis to the hair’s beauty and it is a perfect solution for girls who don’t like to leave the hair flow.

5. Braided bun

Chic and classy braided bun looks gorgeous with a party outfit or a casual boho dress (in this case don’t forget to add flowers and make it a bit messy). Tight and high ballerina style braided bun will make your evening outfit more smart and formal and you are ready to go to the black tie soiree or gala dinner.